An ethical project aiming to unite the world through music, knowledge, and cooperation.


An ethical project aiming to unite the world through music, knowledge, and cooperation.

The first step?
Ubuntu Blues



The word “UBUNTU” comes from a Bantu dialect in Africa. Zulus would say: “UMUNTU NGUMUNTU NGABANTU” = “I am, because you are, because we are”, that is: “a person is a person through others.” Therefore, UBUNTU is the belief that our kindness to others defines who we are as human beings.


MOJO comes from the Creole Gullah language and means MAGICAL POWER. Therefore, UBUNTU + MOJO = THE MAGIC OF WHAT YOUR HUMANITY. What UBUNTU MOJO proposes through this project is that our young heroes and heroines achieve a better world through the power of their humanity (UBUNTU POWER). For this, we give them a mission…



Music helps us channel emotions and express ourselves. At UBUNTU MOJO, we have created an entire sound universe for children to explore their creativity. We take care of every musical detail, and, in short, we try to promote the auditory channel while preserving the oral tradition. Treat yourself to a moment, listen, and feel, while you stroll through our website (We recommend you use headphones for a 100% evocative sensory experience)


In UBUNTU MOJO, we want to protect and water the seeds of human values that every girl and boy have in their heart, that every hero and heroine carry within. We would like to help their authentic essence flourish and nurture it. We are touched by the combination that Nelson Mandela already described in his day as "formidable" = "a good hearth + a good head". And that is our motivation - and our mission - to be able to contribute to its development.


In a world where competitiveness is often instilled into us, at UBUNTU MOJO, we encourage cooperation. Protecting, caring, and helping others. We have a mission for the young: to make the world a better place. To cover each other's backs in a UBUNTU CIRCLE of cooperation. A circle of trust, where we all have the certainty that others would do the same for you because we are UBUNTU because together, we can.

Who is behind UBUNTU MOJO?

Hi, I’m Rowda. I would like you to get to know me a little, although I am not what is important here; what is important is UBUNTU MOJO and what we will achieve together. The five years I studied education + my dear New Orleans, in the USA, where I lived for a while and experienced the music and the “Laissez les bons temps rouler” (=let the good times roll) + another long stretch in Malawi, towards the south of Africa = were fertile soil for the UBUNTU BLUES seed… Without a doubt, Africa marked me by fire. In Africa, I witnessed life and death at its best. I discovered its two faces: on the one hand, that wise, welcoming face, where there is always a smile; and on the other, the toughest Africa, where heart-rending crimes are committed in the name of “witchcraft.” I had one of these experiences while I lived in Malawi, and it marked my life forever. Life has many twists and turns, and in 2012, at the most unexpected moment, a friend educator sent me an anonymous story, the kind that circulates around the Internet. It comprised 4 wonderful lines about the UBUNTU concept, which invited me to reflect on “How can anyone be happy if someone else is suffering?” I set to compose a song to pay tribute to this beautiful concept, and a seed that had waited for 7 years, blossomed decisive and powerful. And the seed continued to grow and undertook this incredible and chaotic adventure –over the last 3 years-, until it has materialized in this “baby” that I present to you today: the UBUNTU BLUES pack.  

What is Ubuntu Blues?

In 2012, it began as a musical concert-workshop and since then has moved and entertained hundreds of children, youth, and families. The adventure of recording it, both in book and audiobook, began in 2017. Although it started as a humble idea, Ubuntu Blues found excellent allies. UBUNTU BLUES is a heroic journey, a mission for our young ones, an ideal that inspires values and defends a noble cause: to unite the world by connecting their intelligence with their love, creating a new world of UNITY, creating their UBUNTU CIRCLE because… “UBUNTU: How can one person be happy while others are not?


Ubuntu Blues

If you buy the UBUNTU BLUES pack… On the one hand, you will live an incredible story based on real events, full of music and magic, where, as a reader, you will end up being the protagonist. And on the other hand, you will be helping young people in Kenya to have a better day to day and a brighter future: they will be able to go to school, drink clean water, and be cared for.
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