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From Row's initial idea of recording Ubuntu Blues with a humble tape recorder, over time a team has been formed that has brought the project to excellence.


When I finished my studies as an educator, I looked life in the eye and asked: "Is this all?” This is how my nomadic life began. I trotted alone through the world with my notebook, an accomplice in adventures and poems. To that notebook and my voice, I added a guitar and became a singer-songwriter. Then, to the BackBeat rhythm of my feet, I added a drum set, and I became a one-woman-band. When UBUNTU came to me, it offered a mission and a purpose to all the above and to everything I had learned.

When am I happiest? When I create and am useful while keeping my essence. What would make me happiest right now? To be able, with my audiobook, to accompany young people in their daily lives, just as my beloved Pippi Långstrump tapes did in mine.

In one of my adventures with my notebook a few years back, I was asleep on an airport floor in the United States when a cleaning lady woke me up with a croissant, an orange juice, and a pleasant chat. I will never forget her. For me, that is the magic of life: UBUNTU in wonderful beings and generous teachers who are lucky enough to cross paths and share our brief existence.

My motivation? To invite young people to believe in themselves without prejudice, so they can distill a drop of usefulness from their essence, in a world where the good and the authentic things are so important. And in short, for these young people to have more opportunities to get and give away THE MAGIC OF HUMANITY, sharing their UBUNTU POWER with other UBUNTU BEINGS ☺


Juan Delgado Serrano

Music producer | composer | sound designer
Musician with classical and modern training, sound engineer, and ethnomusicologist; lover of sound, music, and silence.
Processed with VSCO with kc25 preset


My passion is to create images that tell stories and draw ideas that become a reality.

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