Imagine a book that could

change the world?

With the bilingual musical audiobook Ubuntu Blues, we want to change people's lives by inviting them to be part of an UBUNTU CIRCLE that unites different parts of the world through music, knowledge, and cooperation.



Discover the richness of languages and practice them.


Live a REAL story full of emotion based on the places I lived and the people I met.


Eliminate cortisol, which causes the anxiety of today's immediacy, and secrete oxytocin, aiming to achieve more empathy and a sense of belonging by listening to the stories.


Channel our emotions and feelings through imagination, music, and dance.


Vibrate to the music's rhythm and become aware of the backbeat as a beat of all black music.


Play with an Augmented Reality app to enhance the magic of your book and play virtual instruments (for more information, please write to


Feel happy to be able to help improve the lives of people in other parts of the world through our UBUNTU CIRCLE of cooperation.


However, Ubuntu Blues is much more than that. We have made an effort for everything that comes with this book, even its own manufacturing, to promote ethical and fair trade.


Kazoos handmade by ARTE JAVANE, a company based in Indonesia involved in integrating the local community.


The USBs have been manufactured by a local company in Galicia using materials that can be easily recycled. Should you want to dispose of the hardware at the end of its life, please bring it to a Green Point.


Given the quality and quantity of the illustrations in the book, it was not possible to make a 100% organic edition, so we have chosen to use an FSC certified, sustainable paper from forests planted for this purpose.


The jute bags have been produced by Bags of Ethics. They consciously respect people, the planet, and the product at each stage of production, operating most ethically and sustainably possible.


The UBUNTU CIRCLE that is being drawn up with this Ubuntu Blues package includes cooperation with AGUA ONG, among other projects.
Learn more about the UBUNTU CIRCLE in our “Cooperation” section

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What's included?

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WHAT’S included?

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El Taller Musical Ubuntu Blues

Ubuntu Blues es un proyecto donde confluyen la música y la literatura, la historia y el Blues, la sabiduría de África y la educación. Desde 2012 ha sido un taller musical que ha emocionado y divertido a niños, jóvenes y adultos. Un taller con el Blues y sus orígenes africanos como hilo conductor Ubuntu Blues es, también, una carta dirigida a problemas derivados del sentimiento de desigualdad: prejuicios, opresión, bullying,…

Una carta de invitación al pensamiento crítico y al amor propio, y por supuesto, al amor al prójimo, puesto que todo el viaje va de la mano de Ubuntu: un concepto tradicional africano que podría traducirse como humanidad hacia otros, porque..
<br>”¿Cómo una persona puede ser feliz, mientras otras no lo son?”

¿Qué opinan del taller?

"Único. Divertido. Inspirador. De forma didáctica a través de la música, te lleva a despertar profundas emociones y te deja con un sentimiento de alegría, empatía, fuerza y de unidad con los demás. Una experiencia inolvidable"

Alumnos de Secundaria
Colegio 'El Valle'

Descubre más información sobre el taller en la entrevista realizada en 'BioCultura'



To make sure that shipments are infallible and that you can enjoy your Ubuntu Blues package without delay, we work with a reliable company that will deliver it at your doorstep in 24/48 hours. In case you are not home, they will reschedule the delivery at no extra cost.

We can send it anywhere in the world. Please, contact us for international shipping rates.

We estimate that by the spring of 2021, the magic of your Ubuntu Blues book will blossom with this wonderful app that we are developing especially for you, the Ubuntu Beings. We recommend you to write to us at or by GI, so you don’t miss anything.

Just like you could improvise based on different scripts for different ages in the workshop, we had to define the starting age with the book. Although each child is different, we consider that the ideal age is 7-8 years old. Helped by an adult, children can understand much more, but if they are going to listen to it independently and absorb its values and story, they should be a little older. Other than that, this Ubuntu Blues pack is aimed at everyone who keeps enthusiasm/hope.

Please, contact us at and tell us a little about your idea so we can find a way to adapt, online or in person.