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Privacy Policy

I – Privacy policy

We only collect anonymous information.

We use technology such as the Unique User Identifier (UID) to anonymously identify your computer or device in order to provide a better experience. Our systems also retrieve information such as usage time, statistics on sections and levels of the app, and technical information about the device. This anonymous information allows us to better understand how the app is being used and diagnose problems and/or blockages in the app. We do not collect any information that identifies you. In other words, we do not collect information such as your name, address, phone number, or email address. No photos or screenshots are retrieved or shared from the app unless you explicitly share them via the sharing features. Each photo must be expressly shared. We do not contact or collect personal information.

We do not store or share your precise location.

This Application does NOT collect accurate information about the location of your mobile device.

We do not share data with advertising companies.

We do NOT allow advertising companies to collect data through our service for ad targeting.

We keep the data anonymous indefinitely.

We save anonymous data indefinitely. We do NOT retain any personally identifiable information.

Ask us any questions about privacy by email.

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the app or about our practices, please email us at


II – Terms and conditions of use

These general conditions establish the rules of access to the website (hereinafter referred to as the Site) and the conditions of use of the free Application (hereinafter, the Application) and are effective for any person (hereinafter, the User) using the Site.

It is stipulated that downloading the Application and using the Site implies the unreserved acceptance of these General Conditions of Use (GCU).

The Application is offered as a free download from:

1 App Store®, application download platform distributed by Apple®

App Store®, is a service of iTunes® dedicated to the download of applications. Therefore, downloading the Application will only be possible if the User has an iTunes account.

2 Google Play Store®. Intended to be used only on mobile devices with the Android operating system. Therefore, it will only be possible to download the Application if the User has a Google account.

By using the Application, Users acknowledge that they know the terms, accept them without reservation, and abide by them.

To download the Application, Users only have to access the download platform, whether the App Store® or Google Play Store®.

You need at least iOS 11 for Apple Store and KitKat 4.4 for Google Play Store.


III – Intellectual Property

Access to the Application gives the User a private, non-collective, and non-exclusive right to use the Application’s content.

All content published on the Site and in the Application are intellectual, artistic, or scientific creations and are protected by the Law of Intellectual Property (Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12th); the creators of such contents have the full disposition and exclusive right to exploit them. Therefore, any representation or reproduction, whether integral or partial, without the consent of the owner or owners of the content’s rights, is illegal. The User may not modify, copy, transmit by email or by any other means, transfer, download, publish or, in general, exploit these contents.

  1. Application Content

The content of the Application, protected by law and specifically by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Law, is intended exclusively for the information and personal use of the User who is the beneficiary of a private, non-collective, and non-exclusive right of use.

Unless expressly and previously authorized by the editor, all reproductions, representations, and uses other than those herein are prohibited, specifically:

Any adaptation, making available to the public at its request or not, distribution, re-broadcasting in any form, uploading to the network, public communication of all or any part of the works, features, trademarks, and all elements protected or susceptible to protection by intellectual property law in the Application.

Any extraction or reuse, even for private purposes, of a substantial part of the database’s content, included in the Application.

Any repeated and systematic extraction or reuse, even for private purposes, of even a non-substantial part of the databases’ content, included in the Application.

Any link, access, modification, addition, or deletion that affects the automated processing system of the online edition and modifies the publication or editorial policy conditions.

  1. Brand and designs

The figurative or semi-figurative brand “Ubuntu Mojo” and “Ubuntu Blues,” the publisher’s logos, and any other brand, graphic, or logo belonging to the publisher are protected and/or registered by the publisher.

Unless expressly and previously authorized, any use of the trademarks, designs, and logos belonging to the editor and third parties, as well as the graphics, music, or any element of the visual and sound organization of the Application by the User is subject to civil or criminal penalties.

The User is reminded that the Spanish Criminal Code punishes with up to 4 years of prison and a fine those who, intending to obtain an economic benefit, to the detriment of a third party, and without the authorization of the owners of the corresponding Intellectual Property rights or their assignees (I) reproduce, plagiarize, distribute, communicate publicly or in any other way economically exploit a work, as a whole or in part (art. 270.1); or (II) facilitates in an active and not neutral way and without limiting to a merely technical treatment the access or the location on the Internet of works or benefits object of Intellectual Property (art. 270.2).

The publisher reserves the right, at its own discretion and without prior information, to modify, delete, or add a mention to the general conditions of use of the Site at any time in order to keep up to date with any legal, jurisprudential, editorial and/or technical developments. The publisher also reserves the right to modify the characteristics or content of the Application.

Following the provisions of the Law on Intellectual Property and to protect databases as an object of intellectual property, it is noted that Ubuntu Mojo is the producer and owner of the databases that make up the Site. By accessing this Site, you acknowledge that the data contained therein is legally protected and, under the provisions of the aforementioned Intellectual Property Law, it is expressly prohibited to extract, reuse, store, reproduce, represent or conserve, directly or indirectly, on any support, by any means, and in any form, all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the content of the databases on the Site you are accessing, as well as to extract or reuse qualitatively and quantitatively non-substantial parts when these operations manifestly exceed the conditions of normal use.


IV – Cookies

Cookies are used to record data related to the User’s browsing on the Site. They do not enable user identification.

The publisher informs the User that these cookies may be used on the Site to collect data relating to the User’s interactions with the Site. These elements allow the publisher to make improvements to the Site and to provide it with relevant content.

Your browser configuration can inform you of the presence of cookies and possibly allow you to refuse them, following the instructions of each User’s navigation program software.

The User has the right to access, cancel, and rectify personal data communicated via cookies under the conditions in Article V, CNIL.



The nominal data requested from the User when using the Application will only be transmitted to the Ubuntu Mojo production company.

Ubuntu Mojo is committed to not disclosing nominal personal data to external companies.

This data may be used by the publisher, if necessary, according to the legal provisions in force, for direct marketing purposes to offer the User similar products or services.

This data collection is indispensable because it provides information, news, and special offers from the publisher. In case the User refuses to allow some of these data to be processed by the publisher, the User will not be able to benefit from such services.

Users may exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel, and oppose the use of their personal data in compliance with Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21st, which develops its regulations.

To exercise your right of opposition, rectification, and correction, please contact 


VI – Contact 

For any questions about the Application, you can contact us by email at the following  


VII – Limitation of liability

Users are solely responsible for any direct or indirect, material or immaterial damages caused, founded, or originated in the use of the Application by them or by any person authorized by them to use the Application, including their children. By use, we mean any use of the Application, fraudulent or non-fraudulent.

In this regard, Users waives any claim or cause of action related to such damages based on the contractual liability of Ubuntu Mojo as the publisher of the Application or any other basis.

Ubuntu Mojo commits to making every effort to make access, consultation, and use of the content safe. The Application is accessible twenty-four (24) hours a day and seven (7) days a week, except in the case of force majeure or any event or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of Ubuntu Mojo and subject to any breakdowns and maintenance work necessary for the proper functioning of the Application and/or the contents, which may be carried out without prior notice to the User.

Consequently, Ubuntu Mojo will not be held liable in the following instances:

Momentary interruptions of a few minutes for file updates.

Operating problems or momentary interruption of service beyond the control of Ubuntu Mojo, especially in the event of an interruption of electricity or telecommunications services.

Momentary interruptions of services for development or maintenance work.

Failures or deficiencies in the Internet network.

Users accept the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, and in particular, assume:

That they know how the Internet works, in particular its technical performance and response times.

That the communication of their potential access codes and especially their user name and password, or in general, of any information considered confidential, is done under their own responsibility.

For the User’s complaints to be taken into account, they must be posted to the publisher with acknowledgment of receipt. To do so, please contact 


VIII – Application of Spanish Law

These General Conditions of Use (GCU) are governed by Spanish law, and By fully accepting these conditions, Users submit to the Spanish jurisdiction for the resolution of all disputes arising from or related to the validity, interpretation, or execution of these GCU, the courts and tribunals of the city of Madrid, provided that applicable regulations do not expressly provide that the jurisdiction belongs to the courts or tribunals of a different jurisdiction.

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